Tiger Lilly


Colour: Burnt Orange

High performing, durable garden shears with colourful hand stitched leather handles.

Like the flower, the Chop Chop Bloom Tiger Lily garden shears look wonderful against the greens of an afternoon garden bathed in sunlight.

Color: Burnt Orange

Height: 17.5cm

Cutting diameter: 1.6cm

Made for indoors and outdoors, ranging from cut flowers, shrubs and any sort of plant requiring special care.

Handles: Hand sewn vegetable-tanned calf leather

Made in Germany

Inappropriate use may result in physical injuries or damage to property.

Never leave shears open.

Store safely and keep out of reach of children.

Do not cut live cables or any wire.

When the leather handles get dirty, wipe them gently with a soft damp cloth. Occasionally, a little leather wax worked into the leather will keep the leather happy.

Even though Chop Chop Bloom shears love being outdoors, they don’t like being left out in the rain.

The Tiger Lily is a large orange flower covered with black spots on its petals. The Tiger Lily can grow up to 75mm across and has a strong, sweet scent. Like many flowers, Tiger Lilies prefer to grow in a sunny location. However, these tough specimens are not nearly as fussy about growing conditions as many flowers are.