Busy Lizzy x Jean-Pascal LA


Colour: Canary Yellow

High performing, durable garden shears with hand stitched yellow leather handles developed together with our partner Jean-Pascal Lemire from Los Angeles in 2023.

The Chop Chop Bloom Busy Lizzy garden shears imitate its flower namesake with rich flowering from Mai to the end of October.

Color: Canary Yellow

Height: 17.5cm

Cutting diameter: 1.6cm

Made for indoors and outdoors, ranging from cut flowers, shrubs and any sort of plant requiring special care.

Handles: Hand sewn vegetable-tanned calf leather

Made in Germany

Inappropriate use may result in physical injuries or damage to property.

Never leave shears open.

Store safely and keep out of reach of children.

Do not cut live cables or any wire.

When the leather handles get dirty, wipe them gently with a soft damp cloth. Occasionally, a little leather wax worked into the leather will keep the leather happy.

Even though Chop Chop Bloom shears love being outdoors, they don’t like being left out in the rain.

Since we first met in the summer of 2022, Jean-Pascal Lemire and Chop Chop Bloom have shared a passion for art, design and the finer things in life. We consider it a beautiful privilege doing what we love and that is why we developed the Busy Lizzy x Jean-Pascal LA with hand-stitched canary yellow leather handles in collaboration. Only available online and in-store at Jean-Pascal's floral boutique.

Why and Wherefore?

Chop Chop Bloom is a values driven brand that stands for colourful nature, elegance and quality of detail beyond compare. Chop Chop Bloom is a fusion of the highest German engineered quality with unprecedented colourful leather designs creating the finest garden shears and accessories.

#Chop with Passion

#Chop with Passion

Founded by Julie Habermeyer and Florian Kibbel from a shared passion for flowers, design and durable high performing products, Chop Chop Bloom is a realisation of their common dream.

They wanted the magic of gardening to be reflected in their tools. Quality and aesthetics should go hand in hand. With this goal in mind, they began their journey and reached out to local experts to produce durable, colourful, and timeless garden shears and accessories.

#Chop with Quality

#Chop with Quality

The Chop Chop Bloom shears have a slim, short blade ideal for urban gardening and beyond.
Their lightweight and compact size make them ideal for carrying around for pruning work. They lie comfortably in the hand due to the leather and ergonomically shaped handles.  

Chop Chop Bloom belongs to the anvil garden shears family. Special features include:

• at least one million cuts due to its unique internal leaf spring

• cuts branches, twigs and dead heads up to a diameter of 16 mm

• efficient transmission of cutting force, less effort required for cutting

• perfect for both left and right handed people

Materials and care
The calf leather used for Chop Chop Bloom’s handles is vegetable tanned. Due to the careful tanning process and the natural tannins, vegetable tanned leather develops a rich and beautiful patina, improving with age and use. It doesn't crack or dry out and thus has a very long lifespan. When leather handles get dirty, clean with a soft, damp cloth. Occasionally, a little leather wax worked into the leather will keep the leather happy!

#Chop with Respect

#Chop with Respect

At Chop Chop Bloom, we aim to be as sustainable and ethical as possible and we want to take you along every step of the way. Chop Chop Bloom shears are 100% made in Germany.

“Sustainability and social responsibility are an essential part of Chop Chop Bloom’s aesthetic.” - Julie, Co-Founder

For this reason, we select our partners with the greatest possible care:

Chop Chop Bloom shears originate from one of the oldest family businesses in Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein, which has developed industrial garden shears with the utmost expertise since 1923. Chop Chop Bloom shears cut at least one million times due to their perfectly engineered cutting mechanisms and thus endure for a lifetime.

“Sustainability means for us to engage with our partners in such a way that we get to the core of their values. We want to know all about their supply chain and their human resources.” - Florian, Co-Founder

Our partner Ulrich Czerny from Lichtenau, Germany, is in charge of our hand-sewn leather handles. To him, the contrast between hand sewing and machine sewing is the equivalent of that between a computer printout and a handwritten letter. Czerny has received numerous awards for his work, including the Bochum Design Prize, the Saarland State Prize for Design and the Hessian State Prize for German Arts and Crafts. Czerny has trained up apprentices over many years, and it is these crafts people who contribute to Chop Chop Bloom’s hand-sewn leather handles.